Monday, August 25, 2008

6 days and counting

So Chad and I run our half marathon in six days. I think we are ready, I hope we are ready, if we are not ready than we can do nothing more about it. We head to Virginia Beach on Saturday, get a good nights sleep and then hit the pavement at 7am sunday morning. Thanks to my wonderful parents, we will get to stay in Va. Beach for Sunday night as well because the award ceremony is that night AND because my parents must love me a ton and lots and bunches and know that I really need a night or two away. I guess they figured watching the kiddos is cheaper than some alternatives, however, wouldn't health insurance pay for the mental institution? Anyway, they are keeping the monkeys for us so we can run and have a some time for ourselves. Thanks mom and dad! I really owe you and love you both a ton! You guys are the BEST!


kitty said...

thank god for parents! good luck you guys. i'm so proud that you're doing it!

Mama C. said...

You are so lucky!! And I am so jealous...sigh... Have a great run--I know you'll do great!