Tuesday, November 11, 2008

But Mommy say YES

This is Parker's newest phrase. Anytime he wants something and someone tells him NO, he looks at them and says, "But Mama say YES!" Hey it is worth a try little fella but it won't get you too far. Especially at preschool when you are hitting your friends and the teacher tells you to stop. Yes, I got my first naughty child note home from school and it was from my Two Year old's teacher. Parker, evidently was hitting his friends, not staying in time out, and saying......yes you guessed it.... "but mommy say YES!!!" No mommy did not say we could hit our friends, no mommy did not say you could get out of time out, no mommy did not say you didn't have to listen to you teachers. Do you think this bodes well for things to come? I don't either. Oh well, I guess I deserved to have ONE give me a run for my money in the bunch. At least he is a cute little monkey!


Starbucks Mom said...

I believe my youngest is going to follow in those footsteps Ginny, she is headstrong and loves to get her way

kitty said...

hey mama
i missed your email about nov. 10. didn't see it until today. wanna try for next tues?
we gotta get our monsters together. t2 and parker sound like they are both wild cards. let's put them in a room together and go out for coffee! (kidding .... kinda)