Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day

Well our Turkey Day did not go at all as I had planned. Chad woke up grumpy, the kids fought, I fussed, Chad's family was to sick to visit, and Parker has a double ear infection. SO, I chalked yesterday up as just one of those days and forged onward today. I awoke with much anticipation as to how our day was to go. You see, the day after Thanksgiving is always decorate for Christmas day at the Gill house and Chad HATES decorating for Christmas. He loves what it looks like when it is done but hates the process. So , I was afraid the day would go as well as yesterday but I was wrong. Everyone got a good nights sleep (except me and Park, remember the double ear infection?). We all got dressed, went to get our tree, and spent the rest of the afternoon scurrying about the house decorating. We are all done, except for the tree and it is not quite 4pm. That is some GREAT NEWS!! We are going to tackle the tree once Parker gets up from his nap then hopefully snuggle down on front of a Christmas movie. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the evening together as a family, doesn't it?

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