Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Day in the Life.....

I guess I should say a morning in the life of Chad GIll but you get the picture. I got to spend a few moments this morning experiencing what my husband gets to experience most mornings and boy was it blissful. I woke by the alarm and the house was QUIET. I quickly got dressed and was out the door before anyone stirred. While driving to the gym, I was able to listen to anything I wanted. I arrived at the gym and had no one to check in but myself. I was able to quickly drop off items in the locker room and head to the treadmill, where I was able to run without the constant threat of interruption by the Kids' zone. After running, I wandered into the locker room and took a nice HOT shower without having to lock the doors or share the bathroom with someone else going potty beside me. I dressed at my leisure and even got to blow dry my hair. From there, I had enough time to go to Starbucks and then again drive in peace and quiet while sipping my liquid nirvana, a triple venti soy no foam no whip gingerbread latte.....ALL BY MYSELF! I would have to say, I do not think ANYONE could have a bad day if it starts like that.

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