Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Early Dismissal

So my friends and I at the bus stop decided what is the point really of early dismissal days? I mean come on, by the time you get them all off to school, get cleaned up from breakfast, do one or two of the errands you have to run, they are arriving home again. AAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!!! Come one, who really needs to get out half day the day before Thanksgiving? Really, How many of these children are doing the baking and cooking?? Christmas, maybe. In addition, my school district has decided to be closed for 16 days for the Christmas holiday. 16 DAYS!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What am I supposed to do with the kids that long? Maybe I should tweek my Christmas list a touch for more survival aides for the long break. HHHHHHHMMMMMMMMM........................

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