Monday, August 17, 2009


Well we have three short weeks left until school starts again This year I have to prepare three children for elementary school. That is right. Somehow, little Coop is old enough to start kindergarden. So in three weeks and 1 day, big yellow will come rolling around the corner and I will be left at the stop with only one little hand to hold. Am I sad? Yes but so happy as well. My little girl seems so ready to go and become her own person. She talks about teachers and homework and everything she will see and learn. What am I going to do all day with only one child at home? Who knows? Maybe I will be able to accomplish the unpteen million projects I have thought about and started over the course of the past few years. Whatever, I do plan on doing....I am going to relish my freedom for a few moments first, that is of course after the tears have stopped.

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