Friday, August 21, 2009

Summer Rain Storms

We just had a very intense summer rain storm and I was so glad to see it. It means we have to stay inside and chill. It is now Friday and until today we have been going, going, going, so a justified break is a good thing. Unfortunately, like typical Summer storms, it came in like gangbusters and then has seemed to disappear completely. I see Blue skies and no clouds in our near future. It is wrong for me to want it to stay rainy? The minute the sun comes out I feel BAD about staying indoors. I feel like I should be rushing off to the pool and park or somewhere outside instead of chillin' inside. Maybe if I keep the tv on for a bit, the kids will be too entranced in the television and will not notice the sun.
Uh oh, spoke too soon, now they are all clamoring for their suits and towels and I think off to the pool we are headed.....

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Starbucks Mom said...

I feel the same way Ginny. I like a good rainy day, maybe it is the Seattle girl in me. But like you it gives me the excuse to veg inside and even if they fight, at least I don't feel the guilt that the sunny day gives me