Thursday, August 27, 2009

Supersize Family

Now I do not claim to have a super size family compared to some.......I do not have 8,10,12 or more children BUT in today's society I seem to have a pretty large family. We do not fit in a regular car, we need a giant booth or table at a restaurant, we take up an entire row at the movies, and we do not fit in a regular hotel room. This last one was pretty eye opening to me just this week. We wanted to go to DC for a night to see the museums and zoo BUT could not afford the hotel costs. We were going to have to reserve two adjoining rooms and pay double to room rate just for my family to stay for a night.
Having a big family certainly has its advantages BUT for this weekend and our plans, it has drastically impacted them.

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Anonymous said...

Not being funny, but there is only six of you.. atleast there are some advantages, for example. You don't have 14 - 16 kids. Like octo-mom for etc.

Count yourself lucky.