Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Little repetition

I know those of you with preschoolers will understand that most preschoolers THRIVE on repetition. I get that. BUT if I have to watch the new disney princess video one more time I might scream.
Cooper and I are going through a transition phase now that Logan is in school all day. Up until now, the two girls played every afternoon together. NOW, she wants ME as a playmate. I don't mind because I really love the chance to have the one on one time with my peanut BUT I also did not realize how much I depended on that time to do the other thigs that keep the house running smoothly. Now we are trying to work out some Cooper/Mommy time and some Mommy time. The princess video is helping with that (hence the ability to post on my blog as we speak with Aurora in the background) so I should not complain too much but couldn't we have a LITTLE variety? Is that asking too much?

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