Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wishful Thinking

I thought that with the start of school, I would have much more time for posting. Sadly, this is not true. Just yesterday and the day before, while Cooper was having quiet time and the Park man was napping I spent my down time going through mounds and mounds and MOUNDS (17 extra large tuperware containers worth might I add) of clothes for the kids. When we first began having children, I saved everytihng. It is a good thing becasue when it comes to clothes shopping, I really have to do very little. HOWEVER, I had begun storing all of these clothes 7 years ago and they were a MESS!! All different sizes, all different seasons, AND both genders in each box. SO, I set out TO ORGANIZE THEM. 17 boxes later, I have them all organized and sorted by season and size ( the gender thing was too difficult, I mean come on..white turtleneck, jeans, they can go either way) I have all the boxes placed up in numerical order in the attic. Now, when I want something for them to wear I can easily go up in the attic and pull down the size and season and VOILA! Clean, folded clothes. Now all I need is for someone to do all the laundry as they wear them! Thanks for checking and reading!

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Prof. Bryce said...

Ginny--can you come to my house and organize? Pretty, pretty please???? :)

I wish I had your drive and, evidently, your attic! I have neither...sigh...