Monday, September 10, 2007

Silly questions people ask

" WOW! Are they all yours?" This is what I hear just about everywhere I go with my children. I smile and say "Yes they are" and try to continue with my errand. Most people smile back and continue on their way. I do run in to the few though who push the point. They continue on with, " DId you mean to have four? Did you plan it? You must really have your hands full!" What kind of statements are these. First of all, I did not make fun of them when they asked if they were all mine. I mean come on, who would volunteer to take 4 small children to the grocery store or Walmart or worse yet, take the car in for an oil change. Part of me wants to answer them right then and say, " No they are not mine. I have never seen them before in my life. They simply followed me in here." But I don't, I smile, nod, and give them there peppy answer of "They sure are..." but to continue on with "Did I plan it? Wow you must have your hands full..." Give me a break! I want to scream out at them "YES I planned it, Yes I know what causes it and yes I sure as hell do have my hands full so if you would simply leave me alone and let me continue my shopping I would most appreciate it! OR better yet, here is my list and if you could get the rest of the items that would be great and I will meet you at the checkout and don't forget the diapers on aisle 9!"


Meagan Francis said...

hi Ginny, came across your blog while doing a search for large family bloggers. You might be interested in checking us out, I totally hear you on the "she has four kids" thing--that's my middle name: "Hi, this is my friend Meagan she has four kids!"

LOL--nice to "meet" you.

kitty said...

serioulsy kiddo. the next time someone says "you must have your hands full" you should say, "you must want to help! here's my 16 month old. please go change his poop diaper."