Monday, April 21, 2008

Bathing Suits

What is it with Little girls and bathing suits? I think my girls wear their bathing suit more than their Pajamas. And I am talking all year... not just in the summer time. It is very normal for Chad to come home and find at least 2 if not more children running around in their bathing suits and pretending to have "DANCE CLASS" and it could be 20 degrees outside. Right now, Cooper and her friend are sitting in their suits (Jenna borrowed one from us because for some reason her mom didn't send one....what was she thinking???) on the kitchen floor coloring and painting. They are both in what Logan used to call BATINIS... and I just noticed that both girls have their tops on backwards. Oh well, at least they are happy and somewhat quiet!


Rayven said...

Mine had a dance recital last year, and has finally worn out the dance leotard she wore in the recital.

Everyday she wants to wear that thing! Complete with (now ripped) stockings.

Its part of being a girl I think.

Starbucks Mom said...

I had to hide ALL of Emma's bathing suits from her, as even in winter they were constantly going through a little cycle of being worn daily. Now that summers almost here again, I guess I need to take them out of hiding.