Monday, April 14, 2008


Well it is Monday and time for me to update all on how my week is going so far. It started out VERY HECTIC! We were almost late for the bus, drug 2 crying children by the arms to the stop, as Bear was coming to hug me goodbye, he tripped and forehead hit pavement. I had to take him back home, get him cleaned up and then drive him to school. The yard men did a TERRIBLE job on my yard and now OF course PArker is going to sleep just long enough so I can not fit a walk in before the troops come home. Chad is having a coworker spend the night tonight so dinner needs to be good and the house needs to be extra straight. On a positive note, I have lost a pound! Yeah for me! Is it Tuesday yet????????

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Starbucks Mom said...

Speaking of dieting, my sister told me on oprah the other day, Dr. oz told everyone to eat a piece of 100% whole wheat bread with olive oil on it right before dinner. Do this for 2 weeks straight and see if you lose anything. I think we'll try it, it can't hurt right?