Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Old Friends

I had a wonderful treat and surprise today. I was able to visit with some very old friends of mine whom I do not see very often if at all. I had set up a playdate with a good friend from high school and her little boy and she brought with her another long time friend and HER little boy. What a treat for me to be able to visit and catch up with these wonderful women and get better aquainted with their little boys. Parker had a blast romping around his backyard, showing off all of the good dirt piles and mulch beds. He also did a very good job of sharing his dump trucks.
The best part about the day was how I felt afterwards. I was able to sit down and think back to the last time I was able to see these women and how long it has been. The most wonderful part about it is it has been FOREVER but we picked up right where we left off. You guys know what I mean, there are some friends that if you do not talk to for a week or so you feel a gap in the conversation and it is hard to catch up. Then there are the OTHER kinds of friends... the GOOD kind, the kind you want to have more of but we seem to only have a very few special ones. These are the type of friends you could spend months apart and not speak but when you DO get together, it is like you just spent a WEEK together. These women are these types of friends. I only have one or two other people in my life like this so it was wonderful to spend time with them. As a sidenote, It also made me feel more starved for adult conversation. Maybe, I scare people away when we get together because I am so depleted of adult interaction, maybe I smother them. Maybe, most people are like, "GET AWAY CRAZY WOMAN, WE HAVE HEARD YOU TALK ENOUGH!" In any case, I know at least Cat and Cindy don't feel that way, at least I hope not! SO, It was wonderful seeing you girls and I look forward to the next time. Thanks for making my week AWESOME! Lots of love, hugs, and kisses to you both and your boys.......


CBR said...

So, does that make the rest of us your "chopped liver" friends? ;)

I'm glad you had fun!

kitty said...

i had the best time with you!!! can't wait to do it again. and i love talking to you ... always.