Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Clothes, Clothes, and MORE CLOTHES

Okay, so I am have been sorting through clothes this afternoon. Trying to finally put away some winter and hang up some spring and WOW! We have a LOT of clothes. I save all the kiddos clothes for their siblings until Park and Coop outgrow them then I happily give them to other deserving children but COME ON! You should see my attic. I have boxes on top of boxes on top of boxes with clothes ranging in sizes from 2t to 16. I am SO GRATEFUL to have them. I could NEVER have gotten all of them on my own but the task does sometimes get very daunting. I mean taking large stacks of clothes up into the attic, sorting and moving the boxes to find the right season and size, and then attempting to JAM them into the box before going back down for another load. I have left out a few long sleeve shirts, pants, and sweatshirts for each child but I think I am finally done for the season. Now, it just needs to stay warmer!
In spite of all the clothes in the attic, I also found out that after spending way too much money on Logan for her spring/summer wardrobe, that she STILL needs a few items. I do NOT think she will be able to get by with 4 pairs of shorts for the summer. AND, I had to buy Parker some new ONESIE shirts since he is gong through a wonderful new phase of reaching down into his pants and taking his diaper off. Then he pees and says, "UH OH!!!" I want to scream, "NO UH OH, KEEP YOUR PANTS ON!!" He doesn't quite get it though. Now some would say it is time to potty train the little monster but I disagree, for several reasons.
1. He certainly does not have the language skills to tell me if and when he needs to go
2. He is ONLY going to be 2 in June and if I do it too early, it will take FOREVER!
3. the most important reason is I will have everyone home over the summer and I am NOT dragging all four children into every public bathroom around Richmond just for their brother to try to go PEE PEE. HEy, A diaper is way easy for me.....
SO, I stocked up on onesie shirts and one piece PJS and hope for the best!


MamaC said...

You are too funny!! This is your best post yet! I keep my girls in onesies, too--of course mainly to help little Lydia keep her pants up--they tend to drift down without the cling and slightly added bulk of the onesie. I think Parker will let you know when he's ready--I wouldn't bother with it until he's 3 or older. Everyone tries to make our kids grow up so quick--let him enjoy his diaperness! :)

Anonymous said...

Onesies and footed pj's are the only way I keep the baby dressed. She can remove her diaper, pants and shirts. My three year old can't even get her shirt off. Potty training is awful. I don't look forward to going through that again with the younger ones.