Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stressing myself out

Okay, so I am laying in bed last night and having trouble sleeping. My mind is wondering and it goes to my blog and what I should say for my next post. All of a sudden, I start stressing out. Thoughts start tearing through my feeble brain and I can't stop them. I worry about what to write, how often to write, how long to write, and so on and then it came to me....WHO CARES???? WHo am I doing this for really? I am doing it for myself to give me a little brain stimulation in the trenches of my not so brain stimulating day. I think I worry that if I am not timely in y posts, my tens of readers will call it quits. But again, WHO CARES??? I need to let myself relax about it and move forward so I remember why I started my blog in the first place and who I am writing for...ME.
SO, I am going to try and let go of a little of the worry and concern but hose of you who might check me periodically, please don't give up on me! I promise, even if I take a break for a few days... I WILL RETURN! I HAVE to return or I might go crazy here! Hang with me and enjoy the ride of a lifetime, or at least MY ride for my lifetime.


MamaC said...

Up late again, eh? ;) These mommy blogs are totally for us (as in your blog is for you.) It's the modern day diary, only we're sharing our diaries with whomever comes along to read them. So, yes, totally stress free--we have enough stress from our kids!

Starbucks Mom said...

I agree with you Ginny, sometimes I'm wondering are there people out there in cyberworld waiting for my next blog? Wondering why I am slacking? But, then I think, who cares, this is just for me to download the weeks events and if there is nothing good to say, who cares, at least I enjoyed the process.