Monday, November 19, 2007

3 Ring Circus

We were at some good friends house over the weekend and we were discussing the wonderful transistion times we both have in the early evening before Daddy comes home from work. (She is a mom of 3) While we were talking, mu husband interjected and said coming home to our house each evening was like' " Walking into a 3 ring circus on fire being attacked by pirates..." We laughed so hard becasue sometimes it is SO TRUE!!! But now that he has voiced that analogy, he must really know what the homefront is like in the evenings...SOOOOOOOO, when he says he needs to work late, is that really true or does he not want to Sword UP and fight against those pirates OR pull out the fire extinguisher.......
Next time he calls, maybe I will lock myself in the bathroom so he can not hear the chaos and he will quickly come home.

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