Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Out of town

My dad is out of town.  This is important for a good reason.  He does not leave all that often but when he does, things seem to fall apart.  Last year when he left in November, my mom had pluresy and was bedridden, we had a horrendous rain storm in which my parents house flooded.  My husband was out of town for the day so I had to drive over with a five month old and 2 year old and try to coax my ill mother into the car with us so she would not be alone in a flooded house.  She refused so my sister and I took turns staying at the house for 3 days.  
Well it started again this morning.  I got a call while I was at the pediatricians office (getting Parker's second flu shot which he ended up NOT needing, a whole other post...)  and it was from my Mother's principal (she is a first grade teacher).  Mom was sick and needed me to come and pick her up.  SO, I packed up Parker, we drove out to her school to bring her home.  I got her all settled at the house, bowl beside her, coke and crackers next to her bed, reset the alarm and came on home, knowing I will be going over to check on her later in the day.  At least it is not supposed to rain, RIGHT???

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