Friday, November 16, 2007

Time for the Run Around

Fridays are our run around days. What I mean by that is we literally have to drive to two different activities in opposite directions to drop off and pick up the older two. The younger two get stuck in the car seat from the 3:45 when it is quick get in the car from the bus and change your clothes to 5:30 and finally picking big sister back up at tap. Along the middle is, drive one direction to drop of bear at karate by 4:20 then drive in the opposite direction to drop Logan off at Tap by 4;30 then drive back again to pick up son from karate by 5pm and back again to pick Logan back up at 5:30. Then arriving home at 5:45, trying to decide what and when to fix dinner for four children who are STARVING ( like they haven't eaten in WEEKS!!!!). Do I order pizza? Throw hot dogs inthe microwave? Whatever it is STILL takes time to prepare. AND THEY CAN"T MAKE IT ANY LONGER!!!!!
Now, of course, my husband just called and he has to send his car with an employee to a job site so he needs to be picked up as well. But on't worry, yes his does work in yet another direction, swamped by 5 o clock traffic. I guess I will just squeeze it in between the children. Of course I can do it... NO PROBLEM.... at least the younger two do not get carsick!
Would somebody please hurry up and invent the Teleporter?????

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Tracy said...

When you do get that teleporter, could you loan it to me on Tuesdays?
I know exactly how you feel. Of course, I got the bright idea to split the girls up for dance classes so now I get to run on Monday and Tuesday.
Atleast we can say, when they're grown, that we got them out there to have these experiences, right?