Friday, November 30, 2007

Typical Evening Rountine

All right, I thought some of you would love a glimpse into a typical evening in the Gill Home.  Here is how it goes....
6:30- herd all children upstairs for bath, brush, books, and bed
6:32-tell children it is time to go upstairs
6:35- chase all children up the stairs
6:36- girls run into their room to get pjs and get naked, bear goes into his room to do heaven knows what, Parker runs into his room
6:38- chase after Parker as he runs down the hall with a toy sword
6:40- retrieve Parker from Bear's top bunk
6:43- chase Parker out of girls room so they can fish undressing
6:45- retrieve Parker off Bear's top bunk
6:48-start showers for girls, retrieve Parker off top bunk
6:50- comfort Bear who has been hit in the head with a plastic sword by Parker
6:55- holler to girls their shower time is almost over, ask Bear why he is not yet ready for shower, retrieve Parker off top bunk
6:56- chase Parker down the hall to get him undressed
7:00- finally tackle Parker to ground and undress him for bath, herd girls out of shower and Bear into the shower
7:05-Bathe Parker and wrestle him into his PJS
7:07- chase Parker out of Girls room, grabbing the pjs out of his hands and handing them to the girls so they can get dressed
7:10-check on Bear in shower, help girls brush teeth, retrieve Parker of top bunk
7:12- cut shower off and send bear to his room for the pjs ( which he was supposed to have brought into the bathroom with him) 
7:15-check all three older ones teeth, send them to pick story, grab Parker off top bunk and take him into his room for a story
7;20-read story to other three children
7:30-prayers, hugs, kisses, and LIGHTS OUT!!!!
7;35- collapse on sofa
Repeat each evening......


Prof. Bryce said...

Oy!!! That makes me tired just reading it! But, they won't be young forever and before you know it they'll be doing all these things for themselves--and you may even miss the chaos (just a little...every now and then...)

kitty said...

i'm so impressed that it all works and is done by 7:30! if that was all you had to do all day, it'd be enough!
ps- i want to call you but i don't have your home or cell #. will you email it to me ( or call me 3109266486. xxxoo