Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Another Day in the trenches

Well the week has been going pretty well, despite the fact that Daddy is out of town. YES, he was out of town last night and called this evening and said it will be at least another day. Now some would feel really sorry for my dear husband, having to work far away from home late hours into the evening and waking early to continue working BUT think about it, WORKING FAR AWAY FROM THE FAMILY. No diapers to change, table manners to correct, homework to help with, dinner to cook and kitchens to clean, baths and showers to assist with, stories to be read, and kisses and hugs to be dolled out (sometimes more than once) Does that sound like a bad thing for him? Not so much. But do not fear, Mommy is here in all her glory to pick up where Daddy can not fill in, even if it DOES involve fixng broken TVs and DVRs, changing batteries in smoke detectors (so they stop beeping in the middle of the night), and taking the trash out.
We miss you daddy, hurry home soon! I am not sure if the masking tape on the Shark will hold much longer.....

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