Saturday, November 24, 2007

Crazy Few Days

Well, I want to apologize to my faithful few readers for my lack of posting over the past few days but... hey, I have four kids... give me a break. No, seriously, we are back! I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving. We certainly did. We went to my side of the family for lunch and CHad;s side of the family for dinner. The children got to play with TONS of cousins, new and old, and we got to visit with lots of family. I got the pleasure of meeting some new members as well (not so new to the family but new to me) which was a wonderful delight! The day after Thanksgiving is decorate for Christmas day in our house. We ventured out, put down a small fortune on a tree, came home and attempted to decorate with WILD MAN undecorating as fast as we could work. We chose to save the tree trimming until this morning.... not our best decision but we wanted all children to be a part of it. Let me just sum up the morning with this..ALL CHILDREN WERE A PART OF IT...I am not saying what part that is.
Now we are taking over the great leaf pile in the front SO we can find our kids again. They went out a few hours ago not to be seen since. I figure once ALL the leaves are blown, they will turn up. Probably just in time to pounce on the large pile and quickly spread all the leaves again.

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