Monday, November 26, 2007

Another Monday Morning....

Well my Monday morning started off well.  But then went quickly downhill... I think my wallet was stolen AGAIN so I have been spending the morning canceling, replacing, and changing all the info one keeps in their wallet.  Chad has to change the locks (yet again, 2 times in 10 months).  WHy does this seem to happen to me?  I guess I am too trusting of our fellow neighbors... Which is really upsetting to me.  My neighbor called and said he had money stolen out of his car as well last night, at least I am not the only one.  AND, I learned the hard way last time how to minimize what I do indeed keep in my purse.  HE did not get the motherload of cash and giftcards like last time but it is STILL a pain in the ---!  

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