Friday, March 14, 2008

5 Great Tips

Here is what I am thinking. All of us do of lot of reading and brainstorming on ways to make our lives easier as moms. SO, I thought I would try something. I am going to post my TOP FIVE TIPS that I have tried. Then, you are to either reply in the comment section with your favorite 5 mom tips or post on your blog and then leave me a message in the comments so I can scoot over to your blog to check. Hopefully, we can get a whole lot of wonderful new (but tried and true) tips or pointers....
Here are mine:
1. Keep a ZIploc Gallon size plastic bag in car for car sickness or random vomiting. It holds everything in, conforms to your child's chin, can be sealed to keep in odor, and thrown away at the next stop.
2. Keep sunscreen on your child's changing table so when you get them dressed in the morning, you can put a coat on them to protect them while you play outside without having to stop to apply.
3. Keep a generic change of clothes in the car for above said vomiting so any of your children can wear them (tshirt and gym shorts)
4. Kid of the Day: Each day one child is the kid of the day. They get to make all the choices and do all the things most kids fight about....which TV show, get the mail, which book to read, etc!
5. Special nights: each kid gets to have a special night once a week so they can stay up 15 minutes past bedtime and have one on one time with mom and dad, no TV but that is the only stipulation. it is the same night each week. They look forward to it and go to bed much easier other nights so as not to miss out on their special night!

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kitty said...

great idea! obviously, you've had kids barf all over your minivan more than once. ick
here are my tips
1. on sundays, set aside some time to prep food for the week. cut up some veggies, make a batch of mac and cheese, make fruit salad - anything you know your kids will eat when they balk at the other stuff you try to feed them.
2. have a mulberry bush of toys, especially for toddlers. if you see something on sale or if they get inundated with gifts at christmas or birthday, tuck a few away and bring them out on rainy days. for toddlers, you can just hide ones they haven't played with in a while and bring them out again later.
3. if your kid balks at having nails cut, get a few finger puppets. after each nail is done, put a puppet on the finished finger.
4. keep some lollipops in your purse. always. dumdums are good cause they're small
5. use old diaper wipe bins to store things - tubes of cream, medicines, toddler socks.