Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to Logan!

Well Yesterday was the big day. The day that my little girl turned SIX! I can not believe it, Six years old. She chose to have a Girly High School Musical Not so Sleep Sleepover. She invited a few little girls over, they ran around and squealed AL LOT, ate ice cream sundays, had finger nails and toe nails painted, got in jammies and watched the movie then EVERYONE WENT HOME!!! YEAH!!! She had a blast. Yesterday we celebrated as a family and had ice cream cake. It has ben a wonderful few days. Still, looking at her asleep in her bed last night, snuggled under her blankets, I thought back to holding her in my arms, six years ago and it did bring tears to my eyes. My little girl is not so little anymore.

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kitty said...

look at the smile on her darling face! good for you, gin, for savoring the moments.