Monday, March 31, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

What a beautiful sight... that big yellow bus rolling around the corner and slowing to a stop to tkae 2 out of 4 of my children off to school again.....Yeah, Spring Break is over! As soon as we put Bear and Lo on the bus, Coop, Park, and I headed off to the gym for some much needed MOmmy Sweat time. I got to send them to the kid zone while I broke out into a good sweat for the first time in over a week.. It felt so good to be back.
Having said that, our Spring Break was wonderful. The kids were great! They really got along most of the time and we just hung out, relaxed, played, and recooped from a busy few weeks. Daddy was able to take a day off so he had a three day weekend with us and everyone really enjoyed their time home. I have some cute pictures from our JAUNT to Maymont of Friday with my 3 nieces but Chad took the camera today so I will have to add them tomorrow. Hope everyone enjoys their Monday and the end of Spring break!

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Sabrina said...

lol! I felt that same way a few days ago as I ushered my 2 out the door to their bus.