Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Monday!

WEll, I took my eldest girl shopping yesterday at the outlets in Williamsburg and helped her pick out some super cute clothes for the Spring/summer. I had to spend a fortune but we were both happy with what she picked out and came home with. My mom and Cooper joined us and we had such a fun day with the girls......
As a side note, I did have to steer her away from several items and told her they were just too tacky and ugly....she was not pleased but took it well and moved on. I guess she realized I would only buy her clothes that made her look 6 not 16 so she had to conform to my way of thinking.
While we were out and about, Chad kept the boys here and had a wonderful BOY day. They went to the Car Show, out to lunch, played football, and watched not only a basketball game but some of the race as well.
ALl in all, we all six had a great weekend! Hope you all did as well!

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