Monday, June 9, 2008

Curios George aka Curious Parker aka Monkey Boy

Okay, there is something wonderful about Curious George. The little mischievous monkey that is a good little monkey but always very curious. He gets into trouble and tries to explore most anything. This describes Parker to a T. It is no wonder that he adores this little monkey. I think Parker feels connected with that little monkey on a much deeper level than most and they are truly kindred spirits. I do wonder though if this little monkey is a good role model for my two year old or if he just gives him more ideas of what to get into. I guess I need to keep reminding Parker what they say on the show, "George is a monkey so he can do things that we CAN'T do......" My husband says good luck with that! But hey, there could be much worse things to relate to and influence him, right?


Mama C said...

Yeah, we felt that way with Lydia--she LOVES Curious George. We wondered about all of the monkey-business George gets into. But then we realized she was actually learning stuff from George--we'd be out somewhere and she'd recognize something she'd learned from George and spout it out. George is especially great compared to SpongeBob. Lydia wants to see SpongeBob, but I resist that--I have yet to find any merit with SpongeBob. With George, I've gotten Lydia to behave at the doctor's office, to leave bees alone, and be very into hopscotch. Not so much with SpongeBob--catchy song, but no obvious intellectual value. :)

I feel your pain with school almost out...Lydia's preschool got out a week or so ago and I miss it. I'm all for year-round school!

kitty said...

the only way i can get tayloe to hold still for a diaper change is if i tell him george holds still when he gets his pants changed.
that said, i think the man with the yellow hat is an idiot and a pretty irresponsible care taker. why does he always leave george at home alone? someone call cps.