Thursday, June 26, 2008

WIndow of Opportunity

Okay, so all mom's and dad's know there is a window of opportunity with all children, even more so when you are out in public. Now, while this window is open, the children laugh and play, get along and generally follow the rules. HOWEVER, once that window begins to close WATCH OUT!!! I had the most excellent example of this window not only slamming shut but shattering and broken glass covering all surfaces. We went out last night with my parents, sister, her husband and the 7 children for dinner, ice cream, and a build a bear visit. We did this last night because my sister moved away today. She has lived in Richmond all her life and she is now moving to Cashiers, NC for Jack to take a new job. SO, we were out celebrating our last night and for the first hour and a half the seven children were spectacular! They were Stellar! They were so wonderful, my sister and I did not want the evening to end. Unfortunately, that window I spoke about earlier, not only began to close but as I said before SLAMMED SHUT AND SHATTERED GLASS FLEW EVERYWHERE. One minute we had 7 happy children, the next Rylie is screaming because Parker took a huge chunk of her arm ( I told her he wanted to have some of her to keep once she was gone) Parkers is screaming because he is being punished, Cooper is crying because she wants me to carry her and Lily is too pieces because her playmates are now leaving. So, my sister and I quickly hug each other and each of the kids and we have to wisk everyone away to our homes. Not the good bye we were really looking or hoping for! To top it off, I was rocking Parker before putting him in his bed and he decided to vomit all over me. FUN FUN FUN!

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Starbucks Mom said...

Well at least the night will be memorable