Monday, June 16, 2008

Day One...not so much

Weel today was the first official day of summer break and WE HAD A BLAST!!!!! YEAH!!!! We survived so far. I guess that just leaves 74 more days?????.........
Okay, so I started this post on Monday and it took until now, Wednesday afternoon to finish it. Huh? Isn't summer supposed to be about sleeping in, relaxing on the couch, having lots of free time playing in the sun with mommy sitting on the screened in porch, and fun times at the pool? That would be my ideal summer ( with several stops at Starbucks also)I have very high hopes I guess for summer VACATION but hey, what is a girl to do? SO, so far this week, we have not slept in once, only spent 5 minutes relaxing on the couch, played outside for 17 minutes, and been to the pool 2 times, once for lessons and once to get sent home because of thunder. I HAVE, however, been to Walmart, Panera, the movies, the ABC store, the bank, Starbucks, Target, the dentist, lunch with Daddy, Barnes and Noble, the fountains at Stony Point, the pool twice..... and that is just since Monday morning. Hopefully, things WILL indeed slow down a bit. I am as a matter of fact enjoying my first bit of peace and quiet this week sitting on the porch while the girls swim in the plastic pool, Parker naps, and bear is at a friends house. YEAH FOR PEACE AND QUIET..... hopefully, this will become the trend of summer, NOT the way my Monday and Tuesday were.

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