Monday, June 30, 2008

Day with Daddy

Okay, so Chad has decided to institute a new "tradition" for the summer and we had it's first trial run yesterday. He claims it is part of his "ABC" program (anything but church) and it involves the family going somewhere and doing something or experiencing something we would not normally do together. As I said, yesterday was the first go of it and IT WAS GREAT!!!!! Before I go on and share with you our adventure, let me explain a little bit of its origin. Chad and I and the kids have been attending a wonderful church for about 5 1/2 years and we really enjoy it. We love the people, the children, the atmosphere, and the location. However, lately it has not been hitting us. We find ourselves making any excuse there is to not go on Sunday mornings. We don't truly enjoy service and our Sunday School has been not as interesting to us as well. We have given it several tries lately because the kids love it and I KNOW you get out of church what you put in it but after yesterday...... I am all about a little break. Chad decided we would go out into the world and experience God's wonder hands on. Each week he will pick a new place and give us clues as we travel to our unknown destination. Yesterday, we ended up at Lurray Caverns. It was AWESOME!!!! SPECTACULAR!!!! AMAZING!!!! And I do not mean only the caverns. The children got along, no fighting, Chad was in a great mood and we really spent some wonderful family time together which we do not do enough. In addition, we saw some of the most amazing sights..... true evidence that God does exist!
So, we are going to be a taking a little break for a few weeks and try out Day with Daddy. Maybe, after seeing his work in the real world, we can be more attuned to him within our church setting. I certainly hope so.
Below, is a picture of us inside the caverns....


Mama C said...

Um, yeah...we're right there with you. We've been doing ABC Sundays ourselves the last few weeks for the same reasons. :)

Have fun--and tell Chad I highly recommend Hungry Mother State Park and Claytor Lake State Park--two of our recent ABC destinations.

kitty said...

what an awesome idea! have so much fun!