Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Internal Chatter

I have just finished reading my newest book for book club and it has brought up an interesting point. The boo is called My Stroke of Insight and is written by a neuroscientist about her personal experience of suffering a stroke at age 37. SHe is a stroke survivor and talks about what she went through and what she learned during and after her experience. One of the main things she discusses is losing the internal dialogue or chatter between her left and right part of her brain. She talks about how wonderfully liberating and freeing it can be to have silence in your head. Well I started thinking about this more and more and realized that there is no way to turn of my internal dialogue. Every time things seem to be quiet or passive, my brain starts not only having a dialogue but a full blown discussion between itself. I have tried and tried to quiet some part just to experience a little of the peace the author describe but I have had no luck. It seems that the more I try the louder the conversation gets until both parts are screaming at the top of their lungs and I am saying BE QUIET< CALM DOWN< STOP TALKING< in other words, it sounds like a typical breakfast table in my house on any given day. So I guess I was just wondering if anyone out there in cyberspace had ever figured out a way to quiet the chatter and have some quiet?


Mama C said...

Like you, my brain seems to go non-stop, too. I find when I do yoga that I'm able to quiet it down. Near the end of the yoga practice, you do this deep breathing-relaxation thing and you almost fall for those few moments, it's quiet.

I like your "bucket list" idea. All I can come up with are travel/destination goals. There's a lot of this earth I haven't seen and I'd like to see some of it before I kick the bucket. :)

kitty said...

yoga is great and i think you'd really like it. a good teacher will use a lot of visual tools to help you turn off the noise. one i like is to imagine all of your thoughts on a chalk board. and then imagine yourself slowly, slowly, slowly erasing them until the board is clear.