Friday, June 20, 2008

My Lot in Life

Okay, so I was at the gym this morning and was reading an article in one of the Parenting Magazine. It talked about how women tend to lose brain cells when they have babies SSSSSOOOOOOO, I began thinking. I have had lots of babies so I should be pretty much brain dead BUT the author of the article brought up a wonderful point that the things we focus on and learn while we are at home with our little ones. As we sit at home wiping noses, making meals, cleaning cloths and houses, driving children to all the ends of the earth, how are we exercising our brains???? Chad makes fun of me and says I need to start doing Sudoku or something to exercise my intellect because I used to be a smart girl. I loved talking about grand things and read books galore. That was before I had children. But, as the author pointed out, simply because I am not watching the news or reading Wethering Heights it does not mean I am doing nothing with my brain. It is currently filled with thoughts of how to raise competent, tender hearted, compassionate children, how to make them all feel loved, how to keep them safe and healthy, and how to keep the house running in some semblance of order. I think that these things can be even more important then politics or the nightly news but who is there to keep track??? Who can we talk about these things with??? Chad asked me the other day when we were running which of the two topics we wanted to talk about today....concrete or kids? That makes me sad that I have nothing else to talk about besides my family and children. However, I DO know this is where I am today and not where I will be 10 years from now. I will have the opportunity to watch the news and read great novels when the children are grown and out of the house. Chad and I will have the chance to discuss a multitude of topics at our own free will. I just hope my brain can hold out until then.


Anonymous said...

HEy, but think about what you would rather talk about and who you would rather talk to.... girlfriends rock!! They keep us up-to-date, forgive us, energize us and rile us up!! Go Circle! Go Playgroups! Go BFFs!


Mama C said...

I agree with what Holly said! I think most people talk about what they do. And what you do right now is your children, so that's what you tend to talk about. As your kids get older, they'll start talking about things more complex than Curious George or Hannah Montana and so will you with them. Meanwhile, enjoy the brain break...I just let the innane tunes of whatever shows my girls are into (this week it's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) wash over me and lull me into waking slumber. Besides, we read--just because what we tend to read rhymes doesn't mean it isn't good for us! :)