Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fall clothes

This week I decided to ......"GO THROUGH THE FALL CLOTHES" Any of you who know me well, KNOW this is a very daunting task. I have tons of boxes of clothes up in the attic in all sizes and I have to pull each down, sort through what might fit and what won't, make sure and repack those things that don't fit the older siblings in order to have them for the younger ones, have each child try each and every piece on, and then pull out what doesn't fit anymore from their drawers. So, I thought I would do one child a day so it would only take me four days. That didn't quite work. So, after four days of clothes, I have completed Parker's and Cooper's fall attires completely, Logan and Bear have big bins in their rooms to try on and then I will have to put the rest away. I guess that is not too shabby for a few days work. THEN, after they finish trying on the rest of their clothes, I get to go shopping for them. That could be fun if I can find some good deals and sales. Otherwise, trying to buy enough clothes to outfit the family could be very depressing. Luckily, the two little ones need nothing. In fact, they have so many clothes, I gave some away to friends with younger kids. I guess after I am done with the kids, it will be time to tackle my closet. That can be fun or not so much as well. Depending on what does and doesn't fit. Let's hope for some good news on the scales and lots of things to fit. I can not afford to buy myself a new wardrobe as well. (I forgot to mention Chad has lost 25 pounds since last fall so he will be needing new clothes as well) What is a mom to do???????

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