Monday, September 15, 2008


Well we had a wonderful surprise over the weekend. MY sister and two nieces came home for a surprise visit. YEAH!!!! It had been three months since we had seen each other and I do believe that is the longest it has ever been. We got to play all night Friday, all day and evening Saturday.... with only a few meltdowns, everyone had a great time. It is so wonderful how comfortable and happy we feel around our own family. Here she has been gone for a while but as soon as she arrives, things are right back to normal..... like no time has past. Mom looked so happy to have both her girls under the same roof for awhile and my kids were so psyched to play with their cousins. Even wildman behaved himself, which is saying quite a lot because he normally likes to pick on Lily. Anyway, she headed back home on Sunday and things felt kind of empty again, knowing she is not so close by anymore. BUT, we have a visit scheduled soon so we get to make the trip down there and see their new town, home, school, stomping grounds. I can't wait!

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