Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Home again Home again

Well yesterday was Bear's surgery and they already sent him home. In fact, he went from staying overnight to them trying to throw us out before noon. I guess their philosophy is cut him open, sew him up, kick him out! Anyway, the surgery went wonderfully well. The doctor is very pleased with how the foot turned out and with Barrett's response. He is home on the sofa enjoying some one on one time with Mommy (don't let him know I said mommy because he asked for me to stop saying mommy and only say mom but that is an entirely different post) He has a cast and a walker and crutches. we go next week for a one week follow up where he will get to pick a different color cast. He has already chosen camouflage but MIGHT go with black with a colored stripe. Who knows? So we are safe and sound and in our own place, spending good time healing and getting better. Thank you to everyone for their thoughts and prayers. I felt so blessed with each and every note or call. You are all such wonderful friends!


Starbucks Mom said...

Hurray for good doctors and a quick recovery! Lots of love, tv and yummy food is what he needs. Glad to hear all went well

kitty said...

yay! so glad it's over and you guys are on the road to recovery!!