Tuesday, September 2, 2008

O Happy Day!

O happy Day! O happy DAAAYYYY! When the school bus comes, when the bus comes, when the school bus comes, when the bus comes, to take the kids away! (to the tune of o happy day in Sister Act 2)
School started today....two down two to go! The other two darlings start on thursday. That is when the real celebration begins! Normally, I am waking my kiddos up and dragging them out of bed in time for the bus but EVERYONE was so excited for school to start that all kids were up, dressed, fed, and outside by 8:10. That is an HOUR before the bus arrives. So, we decided to walk to school because it was such a beautiful day on some many levels! I hope everyone out there who reads this had a wonderful first day of school and I wish a wonderful year to each of your children.
As a side note, Chad called this morning and was feeling a little sad about the new year starting. He was realizing how much the kids have grown and was feeling a little nostalgic. He then said if I loved them as much as him, I would feel the sad also and I told him if he spent as much time with them, he would feel not so sad! I do hear what he is saying and feel the same way deep down. Our kids are getting so big...... first graders and second graders, fours class and twos class. Pretty soon it will be high school and college. If I stopped and thought about it for awhile, I would probably getting pretty choked up but for now I am focusing on the little gifts public school gives me..... going to the grocery store alone, taking an uninterrupted shower, looking at clean floor for 5 minutes! I love my children so much but I really love them more when they go to school! So....sing with me,

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