Thursday, October 4, 2007

God Bless the Keurig

We just got a new coffee maker and I am PSYCHED!!!! I LOVE IT!!! In fact, it has come in handy quite well on the past two days. Let me give you a little background. I did not used to be a big coffee drinker. I am not addicted but it sure does taste good these days. Also, my husband is the one to make the coffee. He and my dad are my favorite two men when it comes to coffee BUT Chad has been going to the gym every morning so the pot has remained empty!!! BUMMER!! Not anymore, Chad got me a Keurig. It is a single serving coffee make that even I can work. Also, you make one cup at a time so I can have all the frufru flavored coffee I want and Chad can't complain. LOVE IT!!!! Love the Pumpkin Spice coffee also... Now, why has it come in handy? CAFFINE BABY!!! My eldest daughter has a stomach bug that has kept her up so in turn kept me up. When you have only one kid, that is not so much of a big deal because she does nap during the day BUT CAN I NAP?? NO! I have 3 others I have to get up, fed, dressed, 2 off to school, and then entertain the baby wall while trying to keep him far away from his sick sister in a feeble attempt to keep the germs from spreading though the entire family. Need another reasn to worship the Keurig? Not I!

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