Monday, October 29, 2007

Great people

I know MANY wonderful people in my life. I have been blessed with encounterig so many caring, generous, loving people throughout my experiences. I have also had many role models, on the career and mom front. I had lunch with one of them today. My own mom is wonderful...she has taught me so much and I thank her for that. Another mom has also played a large part in my life, the mom of 5 that I nannied for while growing up. We had lunch today and it was no surprise to me how at ease and comfortable my children feel around her. She is a wonderful mother and helped show me that bigger families are the way to go. She handles her five (now 2 of which are grown, one out of the house, and 2 still at home) with such ease I simply watch and learn. I hope I can look that at ease one day with all of my wonderful offspring AND look as rested!

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