Friday, October 26, 2007

Playing meme

Okay, my friend tagged me to play this game. What you are supposed to do is pick up the book you are reading and turn to page 161. Read and post the 5th sentence on that page and then tag five bloggers to do the same. Here it goes, I am actually going to write the 4th sentence, because the 5th isn't a real sentence and would make no sense.
I am reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
"The murderous thing is what we do every morning after meditation and before breakfast (my God, these mornings are long)- a chant we called the Gurugita."
What could that chat be or mean? What kind of chat would you say you might say in the mornings?
Mine would be, "Get dressed, brush teeth, eat breakfast...get dressed, brush teeth, eat breakfast..." I wish it were more exciting or spiritual. How about ya'll????
I tag:
Cathy L.
Christie B. Rossen
I do not feel comfortable tagging others because I do not know them well enough, despite reading their blog everyday but PLEASE feel free to comment and I will come and check you out!

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Prof. Bryce said... asked...I should warn you that I'm in between fun books and am reading something more for intellectual pursuits. And on page 161, line five, it reads, "Cursed were they in this world and cursed they shall be on the day of resurrection." Anyone else respond to your tag?