Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How do I do it?

Please, someone, tell me how to do it! I DON"T KNOW HOW and I am admitting I need help. The thing that I do not know how to do is spend enough time with everyone AND get everything I want and need to get done. I'm starting to feel really guilty becasue I feel like the time is slipping away from me while my kids are still young. I feel like I simply blinked and now I am a mom of a seven, five, three, and one year old. Never again will there be those days of more then one in diapers, snuggles while feeding a bottle, and babies. I don't know how to split my time up. I keep reading all these articles, emails, bogs, that tell me to stop what I am doing and enjoy my kids. Read them a story, play a game with them, but then I look at the laundry, look at the mess, groceries to be bought and I feel like I will do it tomorrow. But does that tomorrow ever come? I am doing my best and trying really hard to spend at least a couple quality minutes each day with each kid but I am afraid I am missing so much. Please, if anyone has any advice out there I would love to hear it because I don't know what to do!


cat, kitty, kitters said...

first, i think you're doing an awesome job and being way too hard on yourself. there will never be a time when you don't feel guilty about something. that said, maybe try doing a special morning with two at a time - take cooper and parker to a park while chad or your mom stays with lo and bear. and then the next weekend, switch. that way, they each get some intimate time with one parent -- remember it doesn't always have to be you. does that help?

Tracy said...

As the mother of three, I often wonder the same thing. The thing I keep telling myself is that laundry and housecleaning will always be there but my babies won't always be babies.
If you do find a way to do it all, please pass on the secret to me!