Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Odd sort of Morning Off

Today I had the morning off. I dropped the oldest 2 off at school, the 3 year old at preschool, and my dad arrived to watch the baby for the morning. Why you ask? So I could go to the OBGYN for an annual checkup. YEP folks, that is my big exciting morning off..headed off to the doctor to be stripped down and examined once a year. Don't feel bad for me though, in fact it was quite blissful. I was allowed to drive for 25 minutes with the windows down and radio on music I enjoy. I then was free to park anywhere I wanted without fear of small children running through the parking lot or complaints of being to tired to walk. I then breathed in the wonderful (warm) fall air as I strolled into the office. I entered the elevator and did not have the referee a fight over who was going to push the buttons. I checked in, sat and waited in the quiet waiting room and read my book. She was running behind so I was given 45 minutes of peace and quiet to read. After a QUICK and PAINLESS ( I LOVE my ob!) checkup, it was back down the elevator, back to the car, and back home where my wonderful dad had picked up the 3 year old from preschool AND LUNCH for us all.

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