Friday, October 5, 2007

Ode to our good friend Hanger

Well our good friend Hanger came to stay with us last night becasue he had a conference in Richmond. His wife was to come but she had to stayhome so it was the boys and me. I can tell you Hanger is a really good of the best...and they way I can tell this is: he volunteered to stay at home with four children, one of them sick, no real guest room, no bathroom to himself, and he woke up and greeted us with a smile despite the endless night of 6 bathroom trips, four calls for mommy and trips up and down the hall, 3 crying baby outbusrts, a tissue run, and a toliet that would not stop running. All this was going on right upstairs while he was tryng to sleep on my tempory fix to the lack of guest room we will call my couch! We love you Hanger
Not to mention, he was the one who introduced us to the Keurig...he gained an entire new level of admiration then.

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