Monday, August 13, 2007

Another Sunday morning

Just another sunday morning at church you say? Yep, that is right... our church has planned lots of cool activities for our children this summer but this is by far the coolest one. Each child was hooked up and allowed to climb a tree outside. How much more fun can that be and really, it seemed pretty easy to show them God at work. My little girl even said, "I was really high, but I did not see Jesus. Heaven must be a little bit higher..." This is the same child who told me the other day that she saw the legs and feet of children angels dangling down from the clouds becasue they were just hanging out and watching. Whenever I stop and question my beliefs and religion, I now pause and try and see it through my children's eyes. It is much simplier and easier to understand when you can just freely and openly accept what is there. AND, how can there not be a God when I look at the blessings that I have. I get to wake up everyday to a wonderful husband whom I cherish and adore and four beautiful, healthy, happy, spunky kids who add adventure and love to everyday of my life.

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