Friday, August 24, 2007


Well these are Parker's no so new tennis shoes for his not so new trick of walking. It has taken me this long ot get a picture of them even though the title for this post has been in my head for awhile...but it would have read "new kicks for new tricks", but hey, at least I am posting it at some point.
So yes, Parker is walking everywhere these days. Let me correct myself, Parker is running everywhere these days. Anyone who has a toddler boy understands the difference. My little girls, toddled awhile, daintly placing there little feet down and exploring their world with curiosity and caution. Sometimes venturing a few feet away from Mommy and Daddy but never out of their sight. They would look at leaves and flowers, sit in the grass, and watch butterflies and fireflies.
Now comes Parker, who is tearing through life at 5oo miles per hour. Running anywhere and everywhere, climbing in and on anything he can possible reach, and head butting those things that will not quickly move out of his way when they see him approaching, I mean half running half falling, toward him (most of the times being a sibling....).
He never looks back to see if Mommy and Daddy are near by becasue he knows with that wonderful innocence of children that they will ALWAYS be there and never let anything harm him. It is a wonderful and rejuvinating feeling to remember what it is like to be the mom of the little boy in the group. It has been 6 years and to be honest with everyone, I had forgotten what it was all about. Thank you God for giving me my Parker to help me remember what the saying menas, "Boys will be Boys..."
That said, aren't his red tennis shoes the cutest thing you have ever seen? I mean come on, have you ever met a little boy who DIDN"T need red tennis shoes? I haven't.

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kitty said...

oh my god. those are the cutest shoes i've ever seen. where did you find them? or are they hand-me-downs? ttttooooo cute!!!