Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Cooper!

Well Yesterday was Cooper's 3rd birthday. Daddy took the big kids shopping at Toys R US for their sister. He came home with great treats. Good job Daddy! She got a Polly Pocket Cruise ship from her sister and brothers and a Dora Scooter from mommy and daddy. She got to invite 3 of her closest friends to Build A Bear for a party and then have the entire family over tomorrow for pizza and cake. I can not believe that my little peanut is now three years old. Where does the time go. I feel like Parker has been around for a little over a year and that Bear and Lo have been around a long time but I can not remember Cooper being here for 3 years. MY little girl is growing up.... hopefully I still have a few more years with her though. With Logan starting Kindergarten this year I will finally get some one on one time with my peanut (while the Park man is napping)which will be very special AND she will get to be the big sister to Parker for once. Boy will she miss Logan though. I hope I will be a good substitute for her sister.

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