Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Birthday Season...

As many of you all know, if you have children or even if you come from somewhat larger familes, there tends to be birthday season. A time of year where most everyone i your family celebrates there birthday. Well, in our family, with Chad and I having one and two siblings and each of those siblings having 1, 2, or 3 children, that time of year tends to be n the late spring/ early summer. Well, with Cooper's birthday over, we finally have some reprieve to the birthdau celebrations. in fact, there are only 3 more birthdays in or family for the rest of the year...(having already celebrated 20 since the spring). One is mine, one is my dad's and one is my oldest nephew. ( I do want to take this minute to THANK them for having a child in the leats SOMEONE was looking out for us) Anyway, those three are all in October so we have a few minutes to breath, gather our thoughts and money, then be able to shop for presents. LUckily for me, one of those birthdays is mine :):):)

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