Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My New Found Love

Okay... I have become desperate...that is desperate times call for desperate measures...I have learned about On Demand on Verizon Fios. Oh no, I do not mean the movies you pay for. That is old news BUT have you checked out all the free kids shows on? I said FREE???? The best part about it is there are some really great things on and several classics that I watched when I was younger..Who remembers The Mouse and the Motorcycle? Runaway Ralph? So I am sitting the kids down and turning on the electronic babysitter for a little (and I must say well deserved) quiet time where I can read some of my book for book club or catch up on my ever increasing pile of magazines and the children are entertained and peaceful... for 42 minutes!


Professor Bryce said...

The FIOS on-demand free stuff ROCKS!! They have so much stuff on there and it changes every few weeks. Very cool for we moms needing a break.

By the way--that's about the only break my poor mother ever got from me and one of my older brother's constant bickering. We fought like cats and dogs for YEARS. Then, all of a sudden, we chilled out, stopped fighting, and somehow became best friends and confidants. So, it will get better, but it might take ten years. Meanwhile, use the FIOS-free stuff!! (Of course that will only work until they decide to bicker over who gets to pick what show!)

Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Don't keep us in suspense! How do you log on?? I have FIOS. Out of my desperation, I bought a Diego DVD today. I made sure it was a different episode than yours, so we can share.

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