Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Funny Games Children Play

I was just sitting here at my computer and it dawned on me some of you out there would appreciate the games my children play to entertain themselves. Yesterday, it was dressing in leotards and dancing around the den while singing.."We are going to CiCis" (which we were NOT doing) Today, they are playing shoe store. They have gotten out every pair of shoes each of the older ones own and are taking turns trying them on and pretending to be the slaesman. In fact, Logan just rolled her eyes at Cooper because her service was TAKING TOO LONG... No it is Cooper's turn to try and walk around to make sure they sjoes fit wwell. Kids are funny...


Anonymous said...

My favorite game is called nap time ... this is how it works ... everyone goes to their room and falls asleep for 3 hours while I drink a pepsi and watch Days of Our Lives .... ooooh ... you said game ... I suppose this is a fantasy. Til lunch ... cheers

Anonymous said...

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