Saturday, August 4, 2007

The GIll Beach Adventure

Adventure is the right word or as a wise friend of mine called it a trip. 4 kids, husband, and mom..not a recipe for a vaction at this point, although, I did see many older women walking in the solitude of themselves who ASSURED me things would get easier and quieter. To tell the honest truth, I do not think I would want it to get much quieter, maybe just easier. I would certainly miss the squeals of delight as the waves crash, the constant laughs at daddy digging giant holes, and the perpetual " Mommy, watch this..." It makes for a WONDERFUL time! The kids could not have been better behaved. The weatehr was perfect. Food was fabulous. House nice. And, Beach was amazing...waves just the right height for the kids, sand soft and not too hot. We could not have asked for a better trip, adventure, I mean VACATION!

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Anonymous said...

Is Gill your married name? I'm 33 and went to grade school with a Ginny Gill in Dinwiddie County.
Nice family pics by the way!